Zoning Services

Explore our Zoning Reports below or compare each report’s features with our Zoning Comparison Chart.

Early Zoning (EZ) Use Report

Our Early Zoning Use Report provides you with the initial information you need to know if a deal will go into pre-review based on FNMA’s 2023 guide changes.

Standard Zoning Report

Our most utilized report includes a complete analysis of a site’s zoning compliance with current code and approved variances, including review of use, parking, building layout development standards, and confirmation of any outstanding zoning, building or fire code violations.

Streamline Zoning Report

Our Streamline Zoning Report is for application where time is of the essence for a purchase or confirmation of already known zoning information.

Document Retrieval

Sometimes, all you need are the municipal documents for a property to feel comfortable purchasing or financing.

Permits & Approvals

We provide a Permits & Approvals Report that assists lenders with the closing document requirements of FHA 221(d)(4) and FHA 223(f) financing transactions.

Code Violation Resolution

We will work to confirm the status of any code violations that remain open in the Zoning Report.


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