Headshot of Michael Fissette, Senior VP of Underwriting and Asset Managment

Michael Fissette

EVP,  Lender Services

(864) 751-9061

Loan Closing Services

We offer commercial loan closing services to assist our clients in completing one of the most detail-oriented aspects of the loan process.

Our team understands the mechanics of the mortgage process and how all of the pieces fit together to culminate in a successful closing process. We learn and adopt your process for closing loans and can leverage our involvement as needed.

  • Oversee the collection of closing/legal documentation with lender’s counsel and the underwriting team
  • Prepare loan commitments
  • Monitor critical dates of the process
  • Ensure that all required rate lock and closing requirements have been met prior to rate lock and funding
  • Prepare of the lender’s settlement statement
  • Coordinate closing/funding process with title company and collect executed documents for funding
  • Prepare funding/wire request
  • Deliver all required documentation to post-closing/servicing department
  • Life company
  • Fannie Mae DUS™
  • Freddie Mac Program Plus™
  • CMBS
  • Bank balance sheet
  • Private financing


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