Site Inspections for Commercial Real Estate

Our thoroughly-trained inspection staff are also seasoned analysts and underwriters that have been exposed to all property types and are uniquely qualified to identify life safety issues, deferred maintenance, and trends in local property management. We deliver timely, accurate, and thorough inspections to lenders, servicers, property managers, and investors.

We have access to a trusted nationwide network of experienced site inspectors for annual site inspection work, allowing us to reach far and wide and move quickly.

  • Insurance and reserve draw request confirmation
  • Watchlist and default risk management
  • Annual portfolio compliance
  • Due diligence
  • B-piece investor review
  • Baseline inspections

We offer construction inspections to determine exactly how your project is progressing based upon budget and stabilization expectations.

In addition to inspecting the construction site, our experts review AIA Forms, budgets, and loan documents to confirm that draw requests are an accurate reflection of progress.

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Dennis Ellis

SVP, Due Diligence

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