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Quality Control Loan Review

At Armada Analytics, we enable our customers to identify and mitigate risks confidently, including reviewing the loan delivery process thoroughly. We assess the quality of loans to ensure they comply with industry regulations and internal policy while meeting the needs of our clients. This process involves evaluating loan files to determine whether they were appropriately underwritten, documented correctly, and funded in accordance with all applicable guidelines.

By undertaking a Quality Control Loan Review, we can identify potential issues or deficiencies in the loan origination process and address them before they become more significant problems. This helps to minimize the risk of loan defaults.

  • Loan Document Review:
    We take considerable care to review loan documentation to ensure it is complete, accurate, and consistent with the loan terms and lender credit conclusions.
  • Loan Delivery Package Review:
    The Loan Delivery Package Review is the process of reviewing the loan delivery package to ensure that loans were funded under the lending institution’s policies and procedures. We will thoroughly review all documents to ensure they meet transaction-specific requirements while also certifying that the process meets all regulatory and compliance standards. In the event there are any issues found, we will work with our clients and counsel to resolve them expediently.

What Can I Expect From The Onboarding Process?

Our onboarding process is thorough but quick. We can take you from your initial inquiry to assigning the first deal within a week. During the initial call, we’ll discuss your needs and determine how we can best integrate the Armada Analytics team into your process and any necessary systems access. From there, you will receive our Agreement of Services, which includes our pricing information.


How Long Does The Loan Review Process Take?

The loan review process is a fluid, ongoing commitment. We will work with your team every step of the way as you navigate the loan origination process with your lender. At each step, we will review documentation as quickly as possible so that your timelines and goals are not delayed.

In light of a recent increase in hiring scams, we have experienced fraudulent postings/accounts posing as our company.

To provide clarity and support for anyone applying to join our team, we want to share some information about our process. Our current openings are listed here; we highly encourage applicants to apply directly through our site.

After applying, our team will reach out to you directly from an @armadaanalytics.com email. Our interview process includes video calls or in-person interviews. We will never ask for personal payment, require you to purchase equipment during our process, or send an offer letter without an interview involving multiple members of our team.

Please always be sure to protect your personal information, and if you’re in doubt over the legitimacy of a job posting found on another site, review our listings here to verify.

Please report any hiring scams by going to https://www.ic3.gov/.

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