Headshot of Dennis Ellis, Senior VP of acquisition and due diligence

Dennis Ellis

SVP, Due Diligence

(423) 343-5937

Due Diligence for Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions

Our Due Diligence team provides on-site assistance to complete a thorough assessment of a property and brings the formidable skills needed to offer developing insight for investment decisions. In addition to our internal staff, we draw on a vast network of resources, ensuring exceptional local knowledge and reach.

We can also issue zoning reports, priced as a package deal, providing a coordinated set of third-party reports relating to your loan transaction. Our reports are custom tailored to meet your needs and prepared on your own proprietary forms. 

  • Property and entity-level due diligence, including revenue enhancement assessment
  • Site inspection
  • Interior: Door-by-door assessment of the general quality and condition of every unit interior, including a detailed listing of all issues and deferred maintenance items
  • Lease Audits/Tenant Interviews: Identify rent roll discrepancies and tenant-specific information
  • Exterior Site Inspection: Assessment of the quality and condition of the buildings, grounds, and common areas, including a detailed listing of all issues and deferred maintenance items
  • Market assessments and independent comp analysis
  • Expense recovery analysis (operating expenses, real estate taxes, CPI escalations, porters wage)
  • Management assessment and review of existing and proposed contracts


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