VendorFlow from Armada Analytics

A Vendor Engagement Automation Solution

As a top Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Analysis firm, our team understands the importance of process organization, management, and efficiency.

We’re always looking to solve the pain points of the Underwriting deal process. We assessed the industry’s vendor management process, identified the challenges, and created a system that solves them.

Now, instead of personally coordinating all of the vendors for your Underwriting deal, you can drop it off when you engage us and pick it up when you receive the third party reports.

Less work for you. More peace of mind. We're here to prove it.

How VendorFlow Works

After an order is placed, VendorFlow’s CRM software generates and sends bids to vendors. Following the collection of vendor bids, we will send a report back to the lender so they can select their preferred bids.

To minimize tenant disruption, we’ll coordinate the onsite visit for all vendors and send a Site Inspection Memo to the property.

Our team will monitor all upcoming report due dates and reach out to vendors on your behalf. As the final step in the process, you will receive all third-party reports and a Salient Fact Grid.


Site Inspection Memo

All Third-Party Reports

Salient Fact Grid

Vendor Management Made Easy

Getting started with VendorFlow is simple.

  • Sign an Agreement for Service
  • Participate in a short training session and send us your approved vendor list
  • Place your order the same day


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