Standard Zoning Report

Our most utilized report includes a complete analysis of a site’s zoning compliance with current code and approved variances, including review of use, parking, and building layout development standards and confirmation of any outstanding zoning, building or fire code violations.

The report includes all necessary formal documentation from the municipality in which the site lies. Our reports are fully compliant with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and ALTA 3.0/3.1 Zoning Endorsement requirements. Our reports itemize the requirements of the select investor and address them individually to ensure you that all bases are covered. Our Zoning team also provides and up-front summary page that shows the reader everything he/she needs to know in a concise format, which is then backed up by detailed analysis showing how we arrived at said conclusions.

Our Standard Zoning Report includes:

  • A formal letter or response from the municipal jurisdiction confirming the zoning district and designation. This is typically referred to as a zoning verification letter or zoning letter
  • Copy of the zoning map from the City/County
  • Zoning analysis describing the existing use and whether or not it is allowed/permitted
  • Coverage of not just common development standards, like setbacks, lot coverage, maximum density, minimum lot area, minimum lot width, and maximum height, but also municipality-specific requirements such as building separation, floor-area-ratio, open space requirements, and other important requirements that most other zoning companies do not tackle
  • Parking regulations, including required number of vehicle (covered or surface spots) and bicycle parking stalls
  • List of all building, zoning, nuisance, and fire code violations affecting the site
  • Copy of all land use permits such as rezones, special use permits, planned unit development approvals (PUD), and variances
  • Copy of all certificates of occupancy and verification if none exist for the site
  • Summary of how the non-conforming code/rebuild clause affects the property, including implications in the event the property becomes non-conforming and damaged and in need of rebuilding
  • Copies of applicable code sections, including allowed uses, development standards, parking regulations, and non-conforming/rebuild clause

Our targeted turn for Standard Zoning Reports is 10 business days.

Typical Cost: $750 plus municipal fees (if any)

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