Rent Roll in Commercial Real Estate

What is a Rent Roll? Rent rolls list all the tenants currently occupying a particular property. These could be individual tenants at multifamily properties or corporate tenants at an office park. Your rent roll will usually be provided by the current owner or investment group when you are in the process of acquiring a property. […]

What is a BOV in Real Estate?

One of the questions both Borrowers and Lenders of Commercial Real Estate often ask is: what is my property or properties worth? A BOV in real estate stands for a “broker’s opinion of value.”  BOVs can be conducted by either a CRE broker or a commercial real estate asset management company. There are numerous reasons […]

Real Estate Vendor Management for CRE Insurance

Insurance covered appartment

Many major commercial real estate loan servicers lack an in-house insurance team with the expertise needed for the mortgages they provide borrowers. As a bank or private lender underwriting CRE for investors, especially multifamily, the benefits of using an outside real estate vendor management company outweigh maintaining in-house insurance professionals. Relying on outside vendors to […]

Armada Analytics Acquires f3 Inc.

Joel Willard, Armada Analytics, [email protected] Greenville, South Carolina – Recently, Armada Analytics, a premier commercial real estate services provider, announced that they would be acquiring f3 Inc., an Engineering and Environmental Due Diligence firm in St. Louis, Missouri. For decades, Armada Analytics has set the industry standard in inspections of multifamily and other commercial properties […]

Virtual Inspections in Commercial Real Estate

When you’re outsourcing your property inspections to a single firm, you want to know that they’re up on the latest and best technology to complete the task. Armada was quick to see the benefits of working with Matterport. With the purchase of their Pro 2 Cameras, our inspectors can now deliver: 3D Tours of Unit […]

Multifamily Loans and Rate Hikes

Interest Rates on Commercial Real Estate

Multifamily loan originations will likely be less impacted by rate hikes than other CRE. The underwriting of multifamily loans by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the FHA have yet to see a significant decline as of the writing of this article. Many underwriting agencies have even seen a slight uptick in multifamily originations over the […]

The Top 6 Things Commercial Real Estate Property Inspectors Miss

Due diligence is a critically important part of commercial real estate acquisition. Whether you’re a Lender or Borrower you need to make sure your commercial real estate due diligence company pays close attention to detail. You also want to ensure they know what to look for during your property inspection. Most commercial property sales are […]

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Commercial Real Estate Underwriting

Outsourcing Commercial Real Estate Underwriting

Navigating the Complexities of Multifamily Underwriting Transactions Outsourcing your underwriting helps lenders save on overhead expenses, while also providing a responsiveness that current capacity does not always allow. That is, lenders in commercial real estate outsource their underwriting because they want to reduce turnaround times and reduce expenses. Underwriting a commercial property regularly takes a […]

Commercial Asset Management Reporting Requirements

If you’re a Lender in commercial real estate (CRE) today, there’s a good chance you need a commercial asset manager to help you navigate the ins and outs of burdensome reporting requirements. As we explained in our prior article, both Borrowers and Lenders have come to face increasingly stringent reporting requirements postclose. These reporting requirements […]

What is Zoning in Real Estate?

A successful real estate venture is dependent on many variables, but the importance of zoning should not be overlooked. Zoning refers to the process of municipalities segmenting their land into “zones,” permitting and prohibiting how these zones may be used by real estate developers. By designating land for certain uses (for example, residential or commercial), […]

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