The Impact of Inflation on the Asset Management Process

Property Expenses Impacting Loan Performance  Among the most impactful consequences of rising inflation has been overall expense increases incurred by property owners. The rise in the cost of goods influences most expense line items on a property financial statement. Material prices, especially building materials, have skyrocketed since 2020 making it much more expensive to maintain […]

The Impact of Inflation on the Multifamily Market

Inflation has directly and indirectly impacted the multifamily market. Directly, the cost of materials, labor, insurance, and utilities have all increased at the property/operator level. Due to these increases, properties across the country have seen contractions in net operating income (NOI) or reduced gains that would have been realized from rent growth. This change in […]

The Impact of Inflation on the Due Diligence Market

a graph detailing how rent inflation and federal reserve rates affect multifamily interest rates

Inflation, along with other economic factors, prompted the Fed to intervene and raise the short-term interest rate in March 2022. These rate hikes eventually caused uncertainty in the market and buyer activity paused to let the rates settle and values adjust. The impact of inflation on multifamily due diligence since 2020 has been profound, leading […]

The Impact of Inflation on the Multifamily Insurance Process

Inflation has exerted its influence across various sectors, and the insurance industry is no exception. Insurance carriers have been impacted by the pressures of inflation, resulting in increased operational costs. Consequently, insurance carriers are compelled to limit their capacity and raise insurance rates to bolster their profit margins. This trend has led to an increase […]

3 Common Types of Insurance for Multifamily Properties

Real estate, such as multifamily properties, is generally considered a good investment as it’s tangible and can offer a better safeguarding of capital than other investment assets. However, a casualty loss with underinsurance can convert a good investment into a fiscal liability. Multifamily properties are often defined as either commercial or residential real estate based […]

Rent Roll in Commercial Real Estate

What is a Rent Roll? Rent rolls list all the tenants currently occupying a particular property. These could be individual tenants at multifamily properties or corporate tenants at an office park. Your rent roll will usually be provided by the current owner or investment group when you are in the process of acquiring a property. […]

What is a BOV in Real Estate?

One of the questions both Borrowers and Lenders of Commercial Real Estate often ask is: what is my property or properties worth? A BOV in real estate stands for a “broker’s opinion of value.”  BOVs can be conducted by either a CRE broker or a commercial real estate asset management company. There are numerous reasons […]

Real Estate Vendor Management for CRE Insurance

Insurance covered appartment

Many major commercial real estate loan servicers lack an in-house insurance team with the expertise needed for the mortgages they provide borrowers. As a bank or private lender underwriting CRE for investors, especially multifamily, the benefits of using an outside real estate vendor management company outweigh maintaining in-house insurance professionals. Relying on outside vendors to […]

Armada Analytics Acquires f3 Inc.

Joel Willard, Armada Analytics, [email protected] Greenville, South Carolina – Recently, Armada Analytics, a premier commercial real estate services provider, announced that they would be acquiring f3 Inc., an Engineering and Environmental Due Diligence firm in St. Louis, Missouri. For decades, Armada Analytics has set the industry standard in inspections of multifamily and other commercial properties […]

Virtual Inspections in Commercial Real Estate

When you’re outsourcing your property inspections to a single firm, you want to know that they’re up on the latest and best technology to complete the task. Armada was quick to see the benefits of working with Matterport. With the purchase of their Pro 2 Cameras, our inspectors can now deliver: 3D Tours of Unit […]


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