Virtual Inspections in Commercial Real Estate

When you’re outsourcing your property inspections to a single firm, you want to know that they’re up on the latest and best technology to complete the task.

Armada was quick to see the benefits of working with Matterport. With the purchase of their Pro 2 Cameras, our inspectors can now deliver:

  • 3D Tours of Unit of Your Property
  • Measure Units in Your Property with 99% accuracy
  • Any 2D Floor Plan from Your Commercial Investment

What is Matterport?

Matterport develops 3D cameras for commercial real estate inspections and ease of takeoff for construction projects and renovations on behalf of Investors. 

Their immersive 3D modeling of properties allows you more collaboration and control over the inspection process.

Matterport gives property owners a holistic view of their property, making the planning of renovations or upgrades a cinch.

With Matterport’s virtual 3D modeling of commercial real estate properties, you can plan major and minor renovations from the comfort of your office or home potentially thousands of miles away.

You can easily upload the scans that Matterport offers into any CAD software, which helps you collaborate with the engineers and architects you choose for virtual construction upgrades.

*Note: Accessing Matterport’s schematic floor plans and 3D property scans does require a paid subscription. For example, their Pro Subscription plan (the minimum requirement), which allows you to upload the scans and floor plans of 25 active spaces for up to five users, costs $69 dollars a month. 

The Benefits of Virtual Tours in Commercial Real Estate

When it comes to the benefits of virtual tours for commercial real estate acquisitions, the first should be obvious: you don’t have to ever be on-site. 

Think about it: you can manage all the properties in your portfolio, schedule renovations, and address any issues during the acquisition process from your home or office computer. 

The other major benefit of enlisting Armada Analytics to conduct a virtual inspection of your property is that you can use Matterport’s comprehensive 3D scans to market it to other investors.

Virtual inspections are not just for those acquiring new commercial investments. 

If you have existing properties that you want to realize a gain on, Armada will not only provide our standard Zoning Reports and other Due Diligence reporting, but you can now deliver sophisticated virtual scans and floor plans to potential buyers.

Armada Leads the Way on Commercial Real Estate Virtual Tours

At Armada Analytics, everything we do is geared toward making it easier for you (our clients) to acquire and sell commercial properties. 

Equipping our property inspectors with Matterport’s advanced technology for scanning your properties from end-to-end is just one more step in making it easier for you to comply with reporting requirements, make necessary renovations to newly acquired properties, and market your existing properties.

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