Multifamily Loans and Rate Hikes

Interest Rates on Commercial Real Estate

Multifamily loan originations will likely be less impacted by rate hikes than other CRE. The underwriting of multifamily loans by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the FHA have yet to see a significant decline as of the writing of this article. Many underwriting agencies have even seen a slight uptick in multifamily originations over the […]

The Top 6 Things Commercial Real Estate Property Inspectors Miss

Due diligence is a critically important part of commercial real estate acquisition. Whether you’re a Lender or Borrower you need to make sure your commercial real estate due diligence company pays close attention to detail. You also want to ensure they know what to look for during your property inspection. Most commercial property sales are […]

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Commercial Real Estate Underwriting

Outsourcing Commercial Real Estate Underwriting

Navigating the Complexities of Multifamily Underwriting Transactions Outsourcing your underwriting helps lenders save on overhead expenses, while also providing a responsiveness that current capacity does not always allow. That is, lenders in commercial real estate outsource their underwriting because they want to reduce turnaround times and reduce expenses. Underwriting a commercial property regularly takes a […]

Commercial Asset Management Reporting Requirements

If you’re a Lender in commercial real estate (CRE) today, there’s a good chance you need a commercial asset manager to help you navigate the ins and outs of burdensome reporting requirements. As we explained in our prior article, both Borrowers and Lenders have come to face increasingly stringent reporting requirements postclose. These reporting requirements […]

What is Zoning in Real Estate?

A successful real estate venture is dependent on many variables, but the importance of zoning should not be overlooked. Zoning refers to the process of municipalities segmenting their land into “zones,” permitting and prohibiting how these zones may be used by real estate developers. By designating land for certain uses (for example, residential or commercial), […]

What is Real Estate Asset Management?

One way to answer the question of what real estate asset management is is to first address what it isn’t. Many confuse commercial asset management services with portfolio management, although the two are quite different.  Portfolio management is fund management, and involves generating a cash flow for properties for a company or investors. Real estate […]

Join Armada Analytics at
in San Diego

Armada Employees in Attendance At the Manchester Grand Hyatt in sunny San Diego from February 13th-15th, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) will host their 22nd annual Commercial Real Estate Finance (CREF) conference. MBA CREF offers those in commercial real estate asset management, commercial real estate underwriting, mortgage bankers, loan producers, and everyone in the field […]

Armada Analytics’ Charitable Giving in 2021

Armada Analytics staff on a playground at a charity event

As our country began to emerge from the tragedy of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021, many of us felt immense gratitude. After a year of confinement, and with so many loved ones lost in this once-in-a-generation virus, it made sense that we reassess our priorities. Armada has been a great success in the realm of […]

The Affordable Housing Crisis

Investor hands holding a ball of affordable homes

During last year’s Covid pandemic the question facing investors in CRE concerned the robustness of 2021’s “great reopening.” Data from Q3 gives every reason to be optimistic about the future of CRE, in general, and multifamily, in particular. While some sectors of CRE, such as hotels, still hover slightly below their pre-pandemic 2019 numbers—national occupancy […]

Due Diligence and Lease Audits in Multifamily Property Inspections

A modern multifamily apartment building

A little over a year ago, Armada was involved in the underwriting process for a multifamily property near Phoenix. One of our inspectors in Arizona noticed that the property management company conducting the inspection pulled out a due diligence checklist that looked suspiciously familiar—as it turned out, the property management company had borrowed Armada’s lease […]


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