Loan Closing Services

Commercial Loan Closing Services are offered by Armada Analytics to assist our clients in completing arguably the most detail-oriented part of the loan process.

As a full-service commercial real estate lending services firm, we understand the mechanics of the mortgage process and how all of the pieces must fit together to culminate in a successful closing process.

As with all products that Armada Analytics offers, we learn and follow your process for closing loans and can do as much or as little of the process as needed. Our typical closing responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing the collection of closing/legal documentation with lender’s counsel and the underwriting team
  • Preparing loan commitments
  • Monitoring critical dates of the process
  • Ensuring that all required rate lock and closing requirements have been met prior to rate lock and funding.
  • Preparation of the lender’s settlement statement
  • Coordinating closing/funding process with title company and collecting executed documents for funding
  • Preparing funding/wire request
  • Delivering all required documentation to post-closing/servicing department

Armada Analytics understands the necessity to provide exceptional customer service to all clients, meaning both you, the lender, and your client, the borrower. Contact us regarding our competitive pricing.

We provide services for financing through:

  • Life company
  • Fannie Mae DUS™
  • Freddie Mac Program Plus™
  • CMBS
  • Bank balance sheet
  • Private financing

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