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Armada Analytics Inspires Employees to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

While Armada Analytics has emerged as an industry leader in commercial real estate—offering a host of services, including underwriting, site inspections, due diligence, insurance review, zoning reports, closing and delivery, and asset management consultancy services—we consistently look for opportunities to serve the communities where we are enmeshed across the United States. 

In February of 2021, Armada committed to the Fill It Forward campaign in partnership with the Navajo Water Project, an organization committed to ensuring clean water to the most vulnerable communities nationwide. 

The goal of Fill It Forward is to encourage people to reuse water bottles by scanning their individual containers on each refill. It provided a way for Armada employees to quantify the impact they could make in reducing their carbon footprint. 

Our initial goal of 1,400 scans was achieved in a mere six days. Over the course of this competition, Armada employees reused an incredible 5,700 bottles. As it turns out, we’re not only competitive when it comes to commercial real estate, but in our philanthropic endeavors as well!

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