Zoning Reports

For lending, acquisition, and development transactions, Armada Analytics offers its signature zoning report to assist our clients in assessing the compliance of existing structures and the possibilities for new structures to be built in their districts.

The wealth and breadth of talent at Armada Analytics brings to you an improved kind of zoning compliance analysis. With a combined century of experience in the zoning compliance, finance, and ownership analysis worlds, we provide for our clients:

  • Up-front and concise indication of conformance/deficiency status. This means no more digging through reports to get the information.
  • Reports tailored to requirements of your lending program (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, CMBS, FHA, etc.), including indication of programmatic law & ordinance insurance requirements for legal non-conforming properties.
  • Reports tailored to requirements of your lending program or development plans
  • Consistent updates that keep you informed of the status of the research and reports stand on as frequent a basis as you desire.
  • Quick turns and active follow-up with municipalities
  • Rapid assistance to assist our client in working through any compliance issues
  • Completion of threshold analysis following your final underwriting, if desired.

Prior to our zoning department creation in 2013, we as primarily commercial real estate underwriters reviewed thousands of zoning reports and more often than not found them to be cursory, inconclusive, and inconsiderate of the needs of the ultimate investor. At the urging of our own commercial real estate clients who felt the same way, we created this new style of report.

Furthermore, Armada’s zoning department is made up of experienced current and former commercial real estate analysts and underwriters who understand the ins-and-outs of real estate finance and ownership. This allows us to more readily opine on the preferences of investors and lenders and tailor the reports to their needs, as well as yours. Understanding the issues – current and potential – is more important than simply checking the box. We employ only college graduates who typically majored in real estate, finance, planning or management. We are critical thinkers, problem solvers, and have a plethora of resources at our disposal to completely cover all issues.

We started out organically by serving the dozens of established lender clients for which we complete underwriting and asset management functions. Our reputation for quality product and process has now pushed us into the larger market, serving the owners/purchasers of commercial real estate and law firms seeking zoning code expertise and updated conformance information.

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