With decades of supportive FHA underwriting experience, our staff prides itself on its expertise with MAP™ and LEAN™ underwriting. From A7 to 221(d)(4) to 223/232f transactions, Armada Analytics has served as help for MAP and LEAN underwriters at over a dozen FHA lenders. We provide quick, thorough, and accurate pre-screen and full underwriting services, as well as TPA completion.

Over the past eight years, Armada has performed pre-screen and full underwriting services on over 500 FHA transactions.

Sample scope of work

Full Loan Underwriting:

  • Review sizing and loan structure
  • Critically examine historical cash flows and prepare proforma underwriting in accordance with investor guidelines
  • Investigate and analyze borrower credit, history, and financials
  • Review management company experience and suitability
  • Critically review third party reports
  • Perform site inspection
  • Collect market data, analyze comparables, and interview market participants
  • Identify strengths/weaknesses and mitigants to risks
  • Prepare program waivers