We have worked with balance sheet lenders to pre-screen and underwrite loans across all product types, including construction financing and loan participations. Whether you are a community bank or a large national bank, Armada Analytics can help.

Acting as an extension of your credit department, our underwriting team will work with your team to create a seamless integration of workflow. Every bank or balance sheet lender’s preference, appetite and process is different. Let us discuss what works best for you.

Full loan underwriting:

  • Review sizing and loan structure
  • Critically examine historical cash flows and prepare proforma underwriting in accordance with your guidelines
  • Investigate and analyze sponsor credit, history, and financials
  • Review management company experience and suitability
  • Critically review third party reports
  • Perform site inspection
  • Collect market data, analyze comparables, and interview market participants
  • Identify strengths/weaknesses and mitigates to risks
  • Presentation to credit committee